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Welcome to Alexander Park School, where we discover our world through inclusive, progressive practices in a respectful, caring environment.

Alexander Park offers a wide variety of programs to support and enhance learning. Some of the programs offered are:

Learning Services

The Learning Services program at Alexander Park provides learning support to students who require or would benefit from additional assistance.

Indigenous Education

Students of Indigenous Ancestry receive additional academic and cultural support from our Indigenous Education Support Worker.​

Speech and Language Development

Students identified as requiring speech and language support receive assistance on a regular basis during class time in the classroom and/or in small group or individual sessions.


Counselling is provided to Alexander Park students, and is accessed by teacher referral, parent referral, and/or student referral.

Cultural Programs

Cultural activities are presented by performing artists throughout the year.  Performance activities and information are made available to teachers and parents.


Time is provided during the school day for students to sign out books for use at home or during free reading time at school. The Librarian also works collaboratively with other teachers to enhance classroom instruction.


Alexander Park has a class set of iPads and a class set of notebook computers available for classroom use. Students use applications to develop skills appropriate to their grade level. Parents must sign a waiver before students can access the Internet.

Classrooms have access to interactive displays to enhance student learning.