About Us

Alexander Park is situated in ruggedly beautiful, Golden BC, on the traditional territories of the Secwepemc and Ktunaxa people as well as the home of the Columbia Valley Métis community.  

We are surrounded by the Western Front Range of the Rocky Mountains to the East, the Purcell Range on the West, and we are treated to the wetland wonders of the Columbia River Basin running between them. Our lifestyles are lived outdoors. Skiing, Biking, Running, Hiking, Golf, Paddling, are all common mountain town activities. Additionally, we are surrounded by the learning opportunities offered by six National Parks within one hour of town. As such our team and students value learning in the outdoor classroom. Many of our classes take routine advantage of the opportunity to learn from lessons in the natural world. Our classrooms are not limited to four walls in a heated space!


Our vision is supported by modeling and teaching six values every day at school​

  1. Everyone Belongs: We all have strengths and are stronger because we are different
  2. We are considerate of ourselves, others, and the land.
  3. Every moment is an opportunity to grow and learn.
  4. We own our mistakes and learn from them
  5. We celebrate the joy of each day with gratitude
  6. Every Child Matters: We work towards Reconciliation

We believe through explicit teaching and modeling students will become the types of people who will lead by demonstrating these values during routine daily interactions with each other and the community.